Student-run cafe in Metcalfe County receives statewide recognition

EDMONTON Ky.-Students at  Metcalfe County High School are cooking up a storm, a storm that has been noticed by the Kentucky School Boards Association.

The KSBA has informed the district that they will receive the Public Education Achieves in Kentucky Award which will go to the Metcalfe County Old School Café. The café is student led, and it gives students an opportunity to earn work experience while they’re in school. Staff were thrilled to hear the news.

“I’m so proud to have that honor for our kids. It makes what they’ve been doing all this time worth a little bit more because they’ve worked hard and they deserve the recognition, they sure do,” said Old School Café manager Donna Jessie.

The PEAK award is given to school districts twice yearly. The café is the 51st program in the state to be recognized, and students couldn’t be prouder to be a part of the program, since they’ve picked up life essential skills.

“I’ve learned a lot about time management. When I first started, I would always show up 10 minutes late and now I show up earlier so time management is a big one,” said Metcalfe County High School junior Abby Cline.

It goes beyond time management. Programs like the café are designed to work around the student’s schedules, to ensure that they’re not missing out on valuable experience at a younger age.

“I’ve learned a lot about responsibility and how to take care of myself, how to communicate with other people and learning how to live a life while going to school,” Cline said.

The Metcalfe County School District offers programs like the T shirt shop to also provide life enhancing experiences for the students, something current students say upcoming students should get involved in.

“This experience has been great. I’m glad that the school is choosing to do stuff like this for the students, getting us prepared for later on in life,” Cline said.