Staying safe while out on the water

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. -As the great weather continues over the holiday weekend, people are spending time on the water. 

One of the popular spots to kayak and canoe in Bowling Green is Trammer Creek and Drakes Creek. 

Over the weekend, the Bowling Green Fire Department rescued a mother and daughter who had overturned in the river. Luckily they were okay, but you never know what could happen so it’s best to take precautions. 

“The water can be rough. even if it looks calm, you don’t know what could be ahead of you. If there are trees down that you can get caught on or overturned… you just don’t know. It’s better to be safe than sorry,” said kayaker Lindsay McCoy.

Drakes Creek Canoe’s owner Tony Allison says to wear a life jacket to stay safe on the water and to bring some other essentials. 

“You don’t need to take a lot of gear but some basic stuff to take is a dry pouch for your phone so that you can always call out if you do get into trouble. A dry bag that’s got a dry change of clothes because even in weather like this if you get stuck out overnight you could get hypothermia…and then know how to use your equipment,” said Allison. 

And the buddy system is always a good option.

“If you’ve never been on a body of water, partner with someone who has. Find somebody that’s been out there before so they can tell you what’s going on with it, if there’s any dangers to look out for,” said Allison.