Stay weather aware during Friday night’s storms, seek shelter if necessary

FRANKLIN, Ky. – Storms are coming Friday night and with them could bring heavy rain, thunder, lightning and even the possibility of tornadoes.

You likely won’t need your thunderstorm noise machine Friday night, nature will likely be performing all on its own while you sleep.

With the possibility of tornadoes, meteorologist Darius Mack explained how they form.

“Usually before a tornado there’s a funnel cloud. You can sometimes see rotating funnels but a tornado doesn’t actually become a tornado until there’s actual cloud to ground contact of that rotating column of air. Now, a tornado is a mini cyclones a mini low pressure center that is inside or imbedded in a thunderstorm,” said Mack.

With the threat of severe weather, it is important to consistently stay weather aware, even while you are sleeping.

You can get severe weather alerts on your iPhone or Android in your settings.

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Gary Petty, the Allen County Emergency Management director says never drive through a flooded road, especially if that road is flooded over flowing water.

“The old adage and the old moto ‘Turn around, don’t drown’ always applies no matter where you’re at whether in Allen County or across the entire state. People need to realize that moving water is very, very dangerous and can sweep away your car very easily. So, people please be aware of that and take necessary precautions,” said Petty.

Also, if you are under a tornado warning, get into a small inner room on the first floor, but do not get into a crawl space, according to Simpson County Emergency Management director Robert Palmer.

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“You have to know ahead of time that the storms are getting close to you. So even though it’s an overnight thing tonight, you have to set your alarm to wake up a couple of times throughout the night to check the radar and check and see what’s going on because if you don’t have a place in your home then you need to find someplace you can go to before it gets there,” said Palmer.

News 40’s meteorologists will also be following the storms through the nighttime hours and will keep you weather aware on social media.