Staying healthy and active at home

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – People across the country have found themselves unable to spend time at the parks and gym due to closures, but your health should still be a priority.

There are many ways to stay healthy at home.

One tip, before you go and grab a snack out of the cupboard or refrigerator, ask yourself if you are eating because you are bored or because you’re actually hungry.

Bowling Green CrossFit trainer John Robinson says there are plenty of ways to work out at home and keep your children active.

Robinson says using jugs of milk or detergent can replace weights.

He also says, since children often enjoy playing games, make a workout into a game so they can be motivated.

Your mental health is also important while social distancing.

Experts encourage reaching out to friends and loved ones by utilizing FaceTime, Zoom calls, Skype and other means of communication.