St. Patrick’s Day Paw-ty celebrates with kissing booth and doggie-safe green beer!

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.-The dogs are celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with a ‘paw-ty’ over at Paw-A-Day Inn! 

Staff set up a gold hunt scent game and an irish kissing photo booth! Of course the dogs had to dress up in St. Patrick’s Day and leprechaun gear. 

They got a little crazy too-.there was an open bar serving doggie safe green beer all day (water with green food coloring)! 

Paw-A-Day Inn owner Brittney Profgan says they jump at the chance to throw a party anytime they can…when you engage with the dogs and stimulate their brain, it actually boosts their mood and overall obedience. 

“This is something that pet owners can do at home too. They can incorporate little fun new things that they’re not used to. Set up your living room like we did and the dogs will go crazy. New sights and smells- it’s a good time!” said Profgan. 

Paw-A-Day Inn is an overnight luxury pet resort and spa and also offers pet daycare.