Special Olympics Kentucky hosts Softball State Tournament

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Friday night in Bowling Green, Special Olympics Kentucky hosted their big state softball tournament.

Bowling Green Parks and Recreation Special Pops teamed up with Special Olympics Kentucky to play their big game at at Michael O. Buchanon Park.

The special athletes have been practicing hard ever since the start of their softball season in June. In August, teams qualified in their Regional Tournaments for this State Tournament. 

The athletes now compete in the State Softball Tournament and Team Skills Competition, heading out the diamond on Friday and continuing play on Saturday. 

15-year-old Gabriel Rogers plays for River City Rumble. 

“I’m kind of a sports guy, so I play lots of sports,” said Rogers. 

He began playing ball as a kid, and now he gets to play on the team with two of his best friends all the way from childhood. 

Rogers’ friend, Macregor Hansgen said, “Me, Robbie and Gabe, we went to elementary together. We’re all happy to be here.”

A couple of mounds over, Judy Fields plays for the McCracken County Tigers. She’s had a bat in her hand since she was 18-year-old. Now she’s still playing at 40-years-old and loving every minute of it. 

“The fun part is that I get out of my house, and I go to practice and I just have fun,” said Fields.

She said she loves playing Special Olympics Softball, and she wants others to join for the same feeling she gets out of the game.

“It makes me happy. It makes me feel joy,” said Fields.