South Warren’s McLaine Hudson shines for Spartans Softball

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – This past week, the South Warren Spartans defeated the Greenwood Gators to take home the 14th district title. Throughout the season, plenty of Spartans have been key cogs to South Warren’s success, but their lead-off hitter, McLaine Hudson, has provided a notable spark. And she hasn’t even attended high school yet.

“We would leave a game and a coach will be talking about how they had a lot of young players on the team on the field,” South Warren Spartans Head Coach Kelly Reynolds. “And we’d say to him, we have a seventh-grader at second base.”

A starter since seventh grade, Hudson just graduated middle school and has already claimed two district titles with the varsity softball squad. She also plays basketball at the varsity level. True opportunities to craft her athleticism.

“When you’re surrounded by those great leaders, it’s easier to play and get in the flow of the game,” Hudson said. “And it’s just taught me a lot about the sport and being a leader off the field as well.”

If the name Hudson sounds familiar, it’s because McLaine’s uncle is Travis Hudson, WKU’S Volleyball Head Coach. A family member who couldn’t advise her on the way to high school.

“We’re very close, we go to his house a lot,” the eighth-grader said. “And he just gives me a lot of advice about being mature on the court. And just knowing that you’re even though you’re a little bit younger, you’re just as good.”

“From an early age you could tell she was different athletically and I think everybody sees that,” Travis Hudson said. “But you know, there’s a lot of great athletes, but the thing that separates them is who they are mentally, and she’s a different kid mentally.”

So why isn’t she playing volleyball?

“I asked myself that question all the time, and still ask myself that question if it’s too late, but, you know, you want every kid to follow their passion and her passion was softball from a very young age,” the WKU Volleyball Head Coach said. “When you watch her on a softball field, I think you understand quickly that she made the right decision.”

She picked right for sure.

In 29 games, Hudson has batted .615 with 64 hits 28 RBIs, and seven home runs just a reminder that she’s only in eighth grade. So, more Spartan success should be around for years to come.

She’s our lead-off batter and has been all year and you don’t know if she’s gonna bunt if she’s gonna hit, what she’s gonna do,” Reynolds said. “And she raises the defense well, and it’s just a great a great feeling to have her on this team.”

“I come from a place of just evaluating young athletes and forget about being family just as a young athlete McLaine is a special one,” Travis Hudson said.

“It’s gonna be very exciting next year and I’m ready to go to high school,” McLaine Hudson said.