South Warren beats Greenwood in 10 innings for 4th Region Title

South Warren – 8

Greenwood – 5


To the WKU Softball Complex as the South Warren Spartans squared off against the Greenwood Gators for all the marbles.

Bottom of the second, two on, Mallory jones connects on the pitch, ripping it right up the middle, bringing in two runs for the first score of the contest. 2-0 Gators.

Moments later, runner on third, Caydence Wolfe drops the bunt perfectly for the Gators, Abby Towe slides in safely adding to the lead, it’s 4-0.

To the top of the sixth, Spartans looking for an answer and get one as Selynna Metcalfe blasts it to deep left field to the parking structure, that is a three-run bomb, hit that griddy and celebrate! 4-3.

Staying in the sixth, Carrie Enlow lays out the bunt, Elly Bennett flies home, she slides in safely! We’re knotted at 4.

Extra innings time! To the tenth, runner on first, Katie Walker with the clutchest hit of the season, blasts it to deep left center, bye, bye softball — Walker stomps the chomp.

Bottom 10th, two outs, McLaine Hudson scoops the ground ball throws it to first, your South Warren Spartans are Lexington bound.

It may have taken extra three innings but coach Reynolds and the South Warren Spartans top the Greenwood Gators for the 4th region title, final score 8-5.