South Central Workforce Development Board seeks to connect employers with new hires

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.- For all of you employers out there, there’s a resource that will help you find employees here in South-Central Kentucky.

The South-Central Workforce Development Board not only seeks to help people find work, but also to help employers find new hires. They are offering an easy way for employers to fill vacancies. To start the process, all you need to do is visit the workforce development board’s website, and click the for employers tab.

From there, the free process will begin, and takes less than three minutes to complete. There is a QR code that will take you to this link as well.

President and chief executive officer of the southcentral workforce development board Dr. Robert Boone said this is a great resource to seek out the talent in this region.

“I know many people in the hospitality and retail sectors have been negatively impacted by the Covid pandemic, so now is a really good time to seek additional training, or to move right into a new line of work. Our organization can help you do that,” Boone said.

The website also lists some in demand industry sectors like transportation & logistics, construction, and healthcare. To check out that website, follow this link.