SOKY Robot Royale provides hands on learning experience

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.- A day full of science, technology, engineering, math and fun – the SOKY Robot Royale flew in to the Green River Regional Educational Cooperative to give students unique hands on experiences.

From digital art to drone coding, the students even had the chance to learn more about underwater robotics because a company called Streamworks came in from Tennessee.

“What a fantastic experience. The energy in here is just amazing. You have kids here yelling and screaming like it’s a football game or a basketball game. They’re getting excited about robotics and stem education,” said Streamworks executive director Dennis Courtney.

With around 150 students all gathered in one place students said it was a prime way to share ideas.

The students put their skills to the test by building robots that were programmed to grab more tennis balls than the competing team.

“It’s been really fun. We’ve competed on that table back there. Basically, we had been programming our robots at school for an hour a day,” said Briarwood Elementary sixth grader Leah Rogers.

Aside from competition, another goal was to get the ball rolling on the students learning more.

“The coolest thing that I’ve seen was looking at the other team’s designs for their robots,” said Briarwood Elementary sixth grader Anna-Jo Edmunds.

With students of all grade levels, older students say they’re thrilled to share their knowledge with the younger students.

“It feels really empowering that some young kids could look up to me. It feels nice that I can tell them things about this robot that I helped create. It’s really nice to share my knowledge with all these people,” said Greenwood High School sophomore Samirah Salifu.

This was the first ever SOKY Robot Royale. It is expected to become an annual event.