SoKY Fair opens doors early to a special community

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.-The gates at the SoKy Fair may not open until 6 p.m.… but staff made an exception for some of our special friends today. 

“This is why we do what we do. It’s moments like today,” said President of the SoKY Fair Board Jim Maroney. 

The Bowling Green Warren County Jaycees and SoKY Fair staff invited the special needs community and members of the Buddy House to come early at 10 a.m….they had the fair all to themselves. 

“Oh they were ecstatic. This was their fairground for a couple hours, just amazing,” said Maroney. 

Each year, the exclusive invitation is offered to the special needs community.

Giving kids and adults the opportunity to try out every ride… play games and taste the true ‘carnie food’ of cotton candy and hot dogs.

“We’ve been doing rides, I did the merry-go-round and I won the mini narwhal,” said Claire Lanham. 

The day means so much to their community… especially because normal fair crowds can cause unneeded anxiety and stress. 

“This is the perfect environment for them. Not a lot of people or not a lot of noise. So we open up just for them,” said Maroney. 

A day they’ll remember forever…at least until next year’s fair.