Soap box derby race season kicks off

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.-It’s fast….it’s furious…it’s soap box derby racing season. 

“You just think if you’re ten years old, it would be like one of us in the Indianapolis 500,” said sponsor Mike Murphy. 

For 24 years, local children, their parents and family members have been building race cars with no power or electricity. These race cars speed past one another using incline and gravity. 

“It’s fun but it’s not competing in the sense that you’re the one stuck out in right field cuz really you’re no good. In the soap box we have a lot of kids that do well at this event that their forte might not be baseball or football,” said former racer Dave Holland. 

And after decades, there are now generations within families that compete in the sport

“We’ll see a mom come up and she’ll be kind of fussy with the car and we’re working with him and ask what’s going on and she says well that’s the car I raced several years ago and now my kid is racing. So it has come full circle,” said sponsor Rick Wilson. 

“I raced when I was ten down College Street hill in 1971, I built the car with my dad and back then all you got was four wheels and two axles,” said Holland. 

And even though race day is for the kids, you can see the adults love the kickoff event! 

The memories these kids make last a lifetime.

“You know there’s two lanes here, so two cars go at one time. I had a kid that got in the truck with a grin from ear to ear so I asked him, hey buddy did you have a great time and he’s like man it was great I came in second!” said Wilson. 

And the sweetest part? Each year the event donates about $20,000 to children’s charities.

The races start Friday night at 5 p.m. at Phil Moore Park.