Sliding with children on lap potentially more dangerous than sliding alone

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KENTUCKY-As the temperatures increase, and kids want to head to the playground, there’s some safety tips you should be aware of- especially when it comes to slides.  

You might think it’s safer to go down the slide with your child. But the child can actually get hurt more easily than they would going alone. 

A child’s lower extremity can actually catch the side of the slide when on their parent or another adult’s lap. 

The potential twisting force can cause a tibia fracture. Plus, they have the added momentum from the weight of the adult. 

“I mean initially one thinks that being wrapped up or held is a safety position and that might be a common misconception,” said Norton Children’s Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Daniel Bachman. 

Femur injuries are also common in this type of situation…they also see these types of injuries when you go sledding with your children.