SkyPAC honors official with plaque

BOWLINGG GREEN, Ky. – When you visit the Southern Kentucky Performing Arts Center, you’ll now see a plaque with the county judge executives face on it.

SkyPAC in Bowling Green held a ceremony honoring Warren County Judge Executive Michael Buchanon for his role in securing funding for the center’s continued operations.

According to SkyPAC’s president and CEO Jeff Reed, the building would not be open without his help.

A press release states Jody Richards and Buchanon worked together to help make SkyPAC become a reality after 11 years of planning and design.

The release said Buchanon and the Warren County Fiscal Court continued to infuse money into the organization to keep their doors open, even through COVID.

Buchanon said he is honored to be recognized in such a way but believes there are many other people who deserve the attention as well.