SKYCTC and others honor 9/11 20th anniversary

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Wednesday afternoon, Southcentral Kentucky Community and Technical College in Bowling Green paid tribute to 9/11 on its 20th anniversary. 

The college honored Bowling Green Police officers, paramedics, firefighters as well as veterans who served. 

They also had a display showing the timeline of events on 9/11 to map out how the day unfolded. 

SKYCTC Veteran Affairs’ Julie Katz said roughly 150 veterans on their campus have served since 2001.  She said about 20 veterans commit suicide every single day.

Katz said that statistics like these make remembering and honoring our hero’s tributes so important to show them that they are loved and appreciated. 

“Obviously, when they come back to America they haven’t felt welcomed. They haven’t felt honored. They haven’t felt respected. They haven’t felt valued,” said Katz. “So, we need to find out ways to help them either with mental health and counseling to help them continue on and to choose life.” 

Also, Jody Richards has worn many hats here in Southern Kentucky, from longest serving Speaker of the House in the state’s legislature to his humble beginnings teaching at WKU. 

Richards also served his country for six years in Kentucky at Fort Knox back in the 1960s. 

“It’s one of those times in our history like Pearl Harbor and other times that we just do not need to forget,” Richards said about the plane crashes.

Richards believes it’s crucial the country remembers that day in history for those who lost their lives. 

“All of us who are alive remember 9/11 and think how incredulous it was and how ridiculous it was. For so many innocent people to be killed or maimed, we don’t ever need to forget,” said Richards. 

Along with SKYCTC, many other places in the area have plans to pay tribute to 9/11. 

The SOKY Patriots will host A Ride to Remember Our Heroes where people can pay for a mile in honor of a fallen hero. Money from that ride will go towards the Warren County Backpack Program to sponsor a child.

There will also be the Western Kentucky University photo exhibit opening this Friday. The exhibit will feature 28 photos from WKU students and faculty showcasing the horror of 9/11.

Also in Bowling Green, Aviation Heritage Park will host a ceremony on Saturday with keynote speaker Major General D. Allen Youngman who was the Commanding Officer of the Kentucky National Guard on that dark day in history 20 years ago. 

Additionally, this Saturday at Just Piddlin’ Farm off of Morgantown Road will kick off their opening day by honoring 9/11’s fallen. All emergency first responders will have free access. 

So, whether people remember by getting together for a day of friendship and laughter or alone this Saturday in a quiet time of reflection, one way or another, 20 years after the Twin Towers fell, Kentucky shows that it will never forget 9/11.