Shikira Tunstill documents effect of pandemic on homeless and incarcerated

BOWLING GREEN Ky.-Ever since the start of this pandemic, a Western Kentucky University student has been doing heavy research on how the community has been affected.

WKU junior Shikira Tunstill is currently working on a documentary focusing on how Covid has impacted the homeless population along with inmates. Her goal is to educate the public on these issues going on in populations that are often unseen or overlooked.

Tunstill’s previous project was a documentary on how individual college students were impacted by the pandemic. Her documentary will include people who are in these situations personally.

Tunstill says it’s essential for everyone to learn how others are impacted by the virus.

“At the end of the day regardless of whether people made bad decisions, or they were just dealt a bad card, we’re still people. These documentaries are more so for people to see how others live and other people’s lives outside of theirs so they can have an open mind and understanding, especially during the pandemic,” Tunstill said.