Sheriff to host community meeting in Richardsville Tuesday night

RICHARDSVILLE, Ky. – Warren County Sheriff Brett Hightower is holding a community meeting in Richardsville Tuesday evening at the Richardsville Community Center at 6 p.m.

The meeting is a part of the sheriff’s plans to try to connect with the communities in the county.

Following several sudden deaths, some alcohol related, and some other crimes in the area, Hightower says community members have voiced some concern.

While Hightower feels the crime in the area is not on the rise based off of numbers and reports, he does feel like the community deserves to air their concern.

Hightower says he wants the people of Warren County to feel like they can talk to him and express their thoughts with the sheriff’s office.

“Sometimes people feel that they can’t just walk in sit down and talk to the sheriff and so for me to go to them in these groups and hear collectively, it’s somewhat is a little better for time management when I can sit with 50 or 60 people and listen to some of the same concerns and then we can address everything together,” said Hightower.

The sheriff says he plans to hold more of these meetings throughout the rest of his term in different communities around the county.