Sheriff Hightower speaks to students ahead of Veteran’s Day

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.-On Wednesday students at Franklin-Simpson High School learned about the sacrifices made by those in the military ahead of Veteran’s Day. which is on November 11.

Warren County Sheriff Brett Hightower spoke to a crowded gymnasium full of students, faculty and staff for the high school’s Veteran’s Day Celebration.

Students who have already enlisted, and veteran family members, were honored with special seats at the center of the room.

With the help of power point slides Hightower shared his personal story of why he enlisted, the trials he went through as a soldier and how he continues to serve the community as a law enforcement official.

Hightower explained why it’s important to him to share his story with students.

“I just think it’s always important for students to understand the sacrifices that we go through. Yesterday we had a big election, and I’ve been to different countries and the elections are run differently. Here your vote does matter, so how do you get that,” said Hightower.
Following the assembly, brunch was provided to veterans and students who have enlisted in the military.