Shelter open for people and pets

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Saturday’s tornadoes left thousands in the city without power, hundreds displaced and at least 15 dead.

Now, people are looking for a place to sleep, clothing and a warm meal.

If you are still looking for a warm place to sleep, the Jaycee Pavillion in the SOKY Fairgrounds at Lampkin Park are open for anyone in need right now and they invite your pets to come along with you!

“They were turning away with pets at other shelters. So, ultimately we decided to set up two different shelters here. We have one at the bottom of the hill that is heated that is pet friendly and then one of the top that is just for family only,” said Tonja Harmon, the vice president of the Southern Kentucky Fair Board.

They are also providing clothing, food, toiletries and other items to families in need after Saturday morning’s devastation whether you need a place to sleep or not.

“We’re staying really busy so we really haven’t had a lot of time to kind of let things sink in. We do have people that are coming here for shelter and for rest and you can see the devastation there. So we just try to talk to people. We sit down with them. We make sure that they have what they need. We cater to them. We’ll bring them things if they ask for it, they don’t have to walk around and get them. We’re just trying to really take care of them and let them rest,” said Harmon.

One man staying at the shelter had a message for his kids who are not with him.

“If y’all are out there, dad loves y’all. I’m okay and I just want to thank everybody that’s here helping and everything, you know, it just means a lot,” said one man staying at the shelter.

The shelter is in need of totes with lids, pillowcases, blankets, towels and baby Orajel.

“The items that we need are changing daily. The best way to keep track of what we need is to visit on Facebook – Warren County Tornado Help page,” said one volunteer, Brittany Martin.

You can swing by to donate or pick up items anytime between 10 and 8.