Several downtown Bowling Green businesses do not support the entertainment district plans

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Downtown businesses are expressing concern in response the City of Bowling Green announcing plans for an entertainment district.

The district will allow the open carry of alcoholic beverages.

The plan is to expand and encourage downtown events and growth, but businesses in the area say there is already a lot of issues with individuals in the area under the influence without it being encouraged by the city.

The general manager of Cliffs of Moher said they see drunk and rowdy individuals all the time as it is and have had to call the police on numerous occasions.

She said a huge concern for her is the response time from law enforcement in the past has been too long in her opinion and feels law enforcement could not properly monitor the area.

The owner of Little Fox Bakery says store owners on the square often clean up vomit, urine and broken bottles from in front of their stores and does not want to see that issue increase.

Jeff Meisel, the city manager, said in a previous interview that this will be a positive for the community bringing people together and encouraging the success of downtown businesses.

Meisel says he expects the city to be finished with the details and ready for the change coming in the spring or summer.