Senior pets getting some extra help at animal hospital in Scottsville

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.-Just like humans as pets age their health often starts to decline. A animal hospital in Scottsville is offering a special deal during the month of November to encourage people to come in with their senior pets.

Scottsville Animal Hospital is currently celebrating Senior Pet Health Care Month.In one visit veterinarians complete a full check up on the older pets, for the discounted price of $109.71.

Monday morning, two senior pets were at the hospital for a senior health care appointment. Their visit included a physical exam, urinalysis, thyroid check and a complete blood count.

Vets at the hospital say there are several diseases and conditions that commonly plague older pets.

“Thyroid disease is a really big one in both cats and dogs. Joint problems is a huge one, and if we’re not seeing them regularly, and moving them along and seeing how that is progressing then once we get to a certain point a lot of the things we can do aren’t really going to help very much,” said Mandy Williams, Associate Veterinarian at Scottsville Animal Hospital.

Senior pets are classified as seven years and older.