Sen. Rand Paul visits Hopkinsville to host agricultural roundtable

HOPKINSVILLE, Ky.- Senator Rand Paul visited the Commonwealth Agri Energy Ethanol Plant today in Hopkinsville to host an Agricultural Roundtable. 

The Senator is traveling throughout Western Kentucky this week to speak with fellow Kentuckians about issues most important to them. 

Over a dozen business owners, farmers, and others attended the event to share their thoughts and hear what Paul had to say. 

Paul said he does these events to hear feedback from the public and improve the Commonwealth. 

“They’re mostly just for feedback. So I can hear what’s going on, how their business is doing, what it is that gets in the way. We talked about some legislation and some things we’ve actually worked on some things together with these farmers on. And then we leave it open. What are some things that we can do to make it easier for you to make a living and hire more people. 

The other cities he’s traveling to today include Cadiz, Murray and Mayfield.