Sen. Rand Paul thanks BGMU linemen workers

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.- Earlier this afternoon, Senator Rand Paul stopped by Bowling Green Municipal Utilities in downtown Bowling Green to meet with linemen workers. 

He congratulated BGMU for their hard work restoring power following December’s deadly tornadoes. He also commended them for providing relief for those in need during the aftermath. 

BGMU restored thousands of households who lost power during the storms. And they did so in less than two weeks. 

Paul also presented them with an official congressional record of their work. 

“It’s great to meet people personally that you see from a distance and I think sometimes you don’t realize what it takes for a community to have water, electricity, we take it for granted. But I think it was amazing the hard work they did and got power back on. I know where I live we got ours on pretty quickly, on within four hours. Now some places it was a couple of days because of where the storm hit their house but still pretty amazing how quickly,” said Paul. 

Paul continues to visit cities around Kentucky who have been impacted by the tornadoes.