Sen. Rand Paul meets with local business leaders

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.- Monday morning, Senator Rand Paul met with local business leaders at the Bowling Green Area Chamber of Commerce.

Owners and employees of Taz Trucking, Mariah’s, WRECC, Western Kentucky University, The Spartan Garage and other area companies were present. 

They spoke about issues impacting the community, including inflation, high gas prices, and a shortage of workers. 

“I think small businesses are kind of the backbone of our country. I like meeting in Bowling Green. I live here, a lot of the business owners I know pretty well and to hear how things are going in the community,” said Paul.

After the meeting, News 40 asked Sen. Paul his thoughts on the shootings in Buffalo and Milwaukee over the weekend. 

An 18-year-old white male opened fire, killing ten people and wounding three others in a racially-motivated attack on Saturday. 

The day prior, three separate shooting incidents in downtown Milwaukee left 21 injured. 

This raises questions of stricter gun control. Paul brought up previous posts from the gunman. 

“I think if people are terroristically threatening, if they can be tried and go to court to get their day in court there would be a chance of maybe possibly stopping some of this because some of these kids are sending off signals. They do have to have a court procedure but maybe through a court procedure we could take away some of their ability to buy guns legally,” said Paul.