Sen. Rand Paul & Kelley Paul visit new women’s center in Bowling Green

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.- Earlier today, Senator Rand Paul and his wife Kelley toured Hope House’s new Program Living for Women center in Bowling Green. 

The new residential addiction recovery center in downtown Bowling Green helps women who are facing addiction, incarceration, homelessness and abuse. The 12 month faith-based program is broken up into 4 phases where residents go through counseling, physical fitness, personal development, opportunities for employment, and more. 

The new facility off of Glen Lily Road includes living quarters, bedrooms, classrooms, and family visitation rooms. 

Kelley Paul is a part of the Coalition of Public Safety organization which contributed $100,000 through a grant to the construction. 

“We all see it and we see the despair you know what can we do, and this is a very practical thing they’re doing here at Hope House. I mean it’s lofty but it’s very practical, what they’re trying to do for people and I think people can see that,” said Sen. Paul. 

“They’ve been extremely interested in and have loved to watch the maturity and the growth of our organization over the past few years and so for them to come and share what we and the community and our partners have been able to accomplish it was just a joy to be able to share our finished product of our women’s facility with them,” said Bryan Lewis, executive director of Hope House. 

The building began construction in January 2020, and will welcome its first program residents next month. To learn more and apply you can visit their website here