Sen. Rand Paul addresses Trump impeachment inquiry

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.- Sen. Rand Paul (Ky-R) spoke to a crowded room of employees at Logan Aluminum in Russellville on Tuesday.

The Republican Senator covered topics ranging from big corporations and taxes, to his stance on socialism and universal healthcare.

Sen. Paul also mentioned his belief that the United States is spending too much money on the war in Afghanistan. Paul told the crowd that funds have gone to unnecessary projects such as an eco-friendly gas stations and an unfinished luxury hotel.

Paul spoke for roughly 15 minutes before taking questions, and there was only one question asked. An employee wanted to know where the Senator stands on the impeachment inquiry against President Trump.

To which Paul responded, “Should he have done it, shouldn’t he have done it. I don’t know, but it’s not something to impeach the President over. I think what has happened is, we are so angry at each other. Go online. Everyone’s angry at each other. It’s like, let’s just go through another election. I mean if people don’t like the President, we’ll get a new President.”

Sen. Paul said he wanted to speak to at the aluminum factory, because he believes they are a great model of American business.