Screens and indoor activity could be damaging your child’s eye sight

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Your children spend a lot of time indoors, staring at screens and even reading books. These close up activities may be causing eye issues.

According to John Downing, a local ophthalmologist, the percent of people with near sightedness over the past century has gone from around 15% to nearly 70%.

That is a massive increase that he believes is occurring due people straining their eyes doing so many indoor and close up activities including reading, screen time, and other activities.

The eyes are still developing in children, so, he says, they need to be playing outside in outdoor lighting where their eyes can adjust to far away object more often.

“If your vision is normal without correction, then when you relax your focus you’re focused off in the distance 20 feet or longer. If you’re near sighted you’re focus is somewhere closer than that and it can be very close or moderate or moderately close, but it’s become an epidemic,” said Downing.

Downing recommends adults take breaks every 30 minutes from computer work or staring at your phone in order to let your eyes rest so you don’t make your eyes as tired.

But, he says, adult eyes are not still forming so the damage isn’t nearly as much of a concern.