Scottsville Road gets upgrades, businesses frustrated with temporary traffic woes

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Kentucky transportation has big plans for its highway safety improvement project. Construction workers are building dual turning lanes from Scottsville road to Cave Mill Road and then from Cave Mill Road to Scottsville Road.

Kentucky Transportation Cabinet spokesman Wes Watt says the goal is to finish the construction later this summer.

Businesses in the area are happy for the long term traffic improvement this will lead to, but on the same token, they are frustrated with the money they’re losing from drivers avoiding the congestion.

Watt said the dual turning lanes will be worth it, as they’ll allow for faster and safer drive time.

Watt also stated plans are in the works to widen the Greenwood Mall entrance as well as change signal movements. Watt says they are looking to limit left turn signals in some places as they have already done on Nashville Road and Campbell Lane.

Watt says that while there may be some lane closures, most of the construction will take place at night.

Watt hopes these improvements will allow motorists to stop avoiding Scottsville Road due to traffic.