School collects over 1,400 boxes of cereal, sets them up like dominos to celebrate

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Students at a local school are helping give back to their community is a cereal-ously creative way.

Four years ago, Guaranteed Pest Control in Bowling Green started up a cereal drive to collect breakfast cereal for school kids in the area.

This year, T C Cherry Elementary School joined in on the fundraising and collected well above their goal, donating a total of 1,420 boxes of cereal to the drive.

So, workers spent several hours preparing and setting up a cereal domino chain across the school to celebrate the student’s gr-r-r-r-eat accomplishment.

The domino train went through the cafeteria, down a hallway and then split down another set of hallways with a Snap. Crackle. Pop.

“We want them to be leaders. We want them to be an important part of our communities. And so, this is just a small step that our school can do to help them see that they can make a bigger impact than just here at school. They can impact our community as a whole,” said Kory Twyman, principal, T C Cherry Elementary School.

One lucky charm, Briar, got to start the dominos because he collected the most boxes with more than 300 boxes total.