Russellville Independent Schools are the first Kentucky schools to get book vending machines

RUSSELLVILLE Ky.- The Russellville Independent Schools now have vending machines specifically designed for books. It’s being done through a program known as Inchy Bookworm.

The Inchy Bookworm vending machines come from the Global Vending Machine Corporation in Buffalo, N.Y. With the Russellville schools being the first Kentucky schools to get them, those with the school are thrilled.

“It’s a little bit of a dream we wanted to bring to life. It’s not every day that you see a vending machine dispensing books and not M&Ms,” said outreach coordinator of the Russellville Independent Schools Mindy Key.

It’s a method that the school says spells success. After the students read a book, they take an online accelerated reading quiz that offers tokens as a prize. These tokens are the currency for the machine.

The machines at Stevenson Elementary and Russellville High School are already getting good reception.

“My favorite part about it is how you get to choose from a selection of books. It’s from preschool to fifth grade, and that’s a really good selection of books,” said Stevenson Elementary fifth-grade student Gracie Edge.

The goal of the incentivized reading is to help the students blossom as they read every day. It’s a goal to give more panther power to the cats wild about reading, and an opportunity some wish they grew up with.

“I would have loved one of these at Caverna Elementary back in the 1970s. I read the whole Hardy Boys series back in the fourth or fifth grade. If they had one of these vending machines there, I would have been reading and putting tokens in that machine,” said Russellville Independent Schools Superintendent Bart Flener.