Russellville gives green bulbs to the city in response to Covid-19

RUSSELLVILLE, Ky.- According to Governor Andy Beshear, during these tough times, the color green represents hope, solidarity and a promise of renewal, all of which the city of Russellville will get the chance to show off.

On Wednesday, cars lined up at Rhea stadium to pick up free green light bulbs that will be used to light the city green.

It’s an initiative called Light Russellville Kentucky Green, a collaboration between the Russellville Independent School District, Cayce Mill Supply and First Southern National Bank.

Mayor Mark Stratton was in attendance for the drive thru pick up.

“We’re dealing with something we never have before. It’s trying times for everybody, but it’s also times like this that make us pull together as a community,” Stratton said.

Staff from the Russellville Independent School District like Superintendent Bart Flener joined in to help give out the 1,200 light bulbs. The number represents the number of students in the district.

Gov. Andy Beshear has been calling on Kentuckians to light their homes green every night to honor those who have both survived COVID-19 and those who lost their lives to the virus.

“We thought it’d be a great community gesture and a way to show compassionate citizenship, which is one of the most important skills we teach our kids. We thought why not display it as adults in our community,” Flener said.

Flener said the idea is to not only follow the recent request of the governor, but to also teach the students what it means to show Panther pride in the most trying circumstances, something Flener said he learns from them as well.

“When we had the chance to serve the community in this way, we thought what better way to do it and teach a lesson to our kids that they often teach us,” Flener said.

With homes and buildings being lit green around the commonwealth, the goal of making the world brighter during dark times is achievable through events like this one.

“This is just a part of what the city of Russellville is in Logan County. Working together, and showing love and compassion, which is what we’re all about here in the city of Russellville,” Stratton said.

High school seniors from the Russellville Independent School District will also be receiving green bulbs, along with their caps and gowns.