Recess adapts due to COVID

PLANO, Ky.- In person school is obviously looking a little different this year. So you might be wondering- what does that mean for recess?

Most associate the word recess with fond memories of playing games on the playground, swinging on the swingset and playing tag. 

But the coronavirus has completely changed the definition of “recess.”

“For starters we have designated positions on the playground around the building that we go out for recess now,” said Plano Elementary sixth-grade teacher Holly Kirk.  

Kirk says her students have adjusted well to the change. They keep each homeroom separate now to be able to contract trace if a student were to test positive for COVID. 

Principal Matt Frasier says this separation has led to new recess activities. 

“Because we’re having to go to different locations now we’re not just using the playground, they’re going out to ball fields and they get to do some different activities that give it a little more variety. so that’s been a neat change,” said Frasier.  

Students have to stay six feet apart and social distance while outside but they can take off their mask once recess begins. 

Frasier emphasized how important recess is to their socialization. 

“They learn how to handle conflict so there’s a lot of learning opportunities. And of course it’s just good for their brain just to get outside, breathe fresh air, break a sweat, so they’re not cooped up all day long in the classroom,” said Frasier. 

“Kids are very resilient and they absolutely just love socializing,” said Kirk.