RATT issue forces cancellation of Rock The Dam Fest

Courtesy Beaver Dam Amphitheater
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BEAVER DAM, Ky. – RATT has informed Beaver Dam Amphitheater of their decision to cancel or postpone all of their 2020 tour dates out of concern for the health and safety of their fans. This includes cancelling their headline date for the 3rd Annual ‘80s Rock the Dam Fest.

Heath Eric, promoter for Beaver Dam concerts stated, “We were alerted by several fans early this morning, around 4am, that the Facebook event page had been cancelled by RATT. This came as a complete surprise to us. We thought it had to be a mistake, given that we had not been informed of any such decision, and certainly had not cancelled the event. Our team immediately began reaching out for answers. We also responded to media and fan inquiries, informing them that the event had not been cancelled.

Ultimately, we learned late in the day that RATT had in fact decided to cancel the event. It’s an unfortunate turn of events and we wish this had been communicated in a better manner. That being said, we certainly respect their decision to cancel. Now more than ever, safety comes first.”

Unfortunately, with this decision, this leaves no other viable option but to cancel the 3rd Annual ‘80s Rock the Dam Fest, scheduled for September 26, 2020.

The event was originally scheduled for July 25 and was rescheduled to September 26 due to COVID-19 concerns. Plans were in progress to present the show in compliance with all State and CDC guidelines.

ALL TICKET HOLDERS WILL RECEIVE FULL REFUNDS. This process will begin at some point next week and as soon as possible.