Protestors demand change outside of Rand Paul’s Bowling Green office

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Members of the Poor People’s Campaign spent part of their Monday morning protesting outside of U.S. Sen. Rand Paul’s office in Bowling Green this morning.

The event took place on State Street with a few dozen people in attendance.

The protesters are demanding $15 an hour wages, the end to filibusters and the restoration of the voting rights act.

They also sent a few people into the office to have an appointment with representatives from Paul’s Office to discuss the changes they are requesting.

The protesters sang “everybody has a right to live and vote” as well as saying thing like “end filibusters.”

“I think they are moral and reasonable demands. The Voting Rights Act should be restored and the For the Peoples Act is super important and stopping the filibuster is, like I said, how we get to progress. So that’s why I’m out here, and I really appreciate the community putting themselves on the line to try to stand up for people,” said one protestor, Bridgett Keeton-Dorsey.