Proposed insulin legislation could save lives

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.- On Tuesday night, the Kentucky House voted 95-0 to pass the bill to cap insulin copays at $30 per month. 

This is a game changer for insulin dependent diabetics. 

Reece Ingram, 10, from Bowling Green, was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes this past fall. Her parents say having access to insulin is critical to her life. 

“It is a life and death thing and it’s something that I’ve thought or we’ve thought about it,” said Reece’s father Eric Ingram. 

They have access to insulin now, but he said this bill, if passed, will provide and extra layer of security for his daughter and other diabetics in the future. 

“It’s just security for what can happen in the future and the future cost we don’t know where that’s gonna go. And as she becomes an adult and is off our insurance it’s something that will hopefully stay in place that gets passed along to her and potentially our grandkids if this runs in our family,” said Ingram. 

State Rep. Patti Minter, D-Bowling Green, said she’s unbelievably happy that the bill she sponsored passed unanimously. Last year the bill passed out of the House, but did not get passed by the Senate. 

Minter said the bipartisan agreement in the House is huge, and the bill is stronger this time around. It will help state employees and those with private insurance. 

“People are really excited that we are capping the cost of insulin at a cost that will make it more affordable. Because insulin only costs $6 a vial for a little tiny vial. But it can go for $150, sometimes it can go for $350. And that’s not right,” said Minter. 

Local pharmacies like Sheldon’s say this will help patients not leave the pharmacy empty handed if they are unable to pay. 

“Here at the pharmacy we see patients that struggle to pay for their medications and they have to make decisions between their rent, food cost of living,” said Sheldon’s pharmacist Daniel Emery. 

Minter said they don’t have a date on when the Senate will take up the bill.