Prevent holiday theft – KSP shares tips

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.-Kentucky State Police has a few tips for you to prevent holiday theft this month. 

If you’re expecting items to be delivered to your home, make sure you’re there to grab them or have a friend or family member get them for you. Never let a package sit out overnight. You can also use a video doorbell to fend off potential thieves. 

If you’re shopping in person, park in well-lit areas, and have your car keys ready when you return to your vehicle. Keep purchases in your trunk or out of view when inside, and always make sure to keep it locked. 

“We always see an increase in theft through the holidays. I think there’s a lot of people that know packages are being delivered to homes and there’s big ticket items being purchased for Christmas. It just creates an opportunity for more theft,” said KSP Post 3 PIO Trooper Daniel Priddy. 

Also be vigilant about putting boxes out for trash…potential thieves could see that and know what kind of presents you have inside your home.