Post-fire clean up begins at Eagle Furniture Manufacturing

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – After a fire destroyed a Bowling Green business Monday, workers are cleaning up and trying to salvage what remains.

Fire investigators are working to determine the cause of a fire at Eagle Furniture Manufacturing on River Street that gutted the building Monday morning.

Not much was left following the blaze.

Part of the stone walls surrounding the building and the charred remains of furniture and other materials remain.

Tuesday, workers were seen pulling out piles of wood soaked with water and setting them outside.

Matthew Wood, a neighbor, recently lost a business because of the pandemic, so the fire was close to home.

“I can’t imagine what the workers and the owners is really going through,” said Wood.

“It’s really sad. You know, somebody put their life into that. Somebody had a dream and they opened up their business and to lose it like that, especially after a hard year like 2020, it’s pretty sad,” said Wood.

Monday, the road was closed for about five hours, causing Wood to have to wait in traffic to get home, but that inconvenience was nothing to him compared to seeing what the business owners are going through.

“Seeing it just literally right across the street, it puts thing into perspective because you know, I actually got to know some of the people over there and it’s just really a tragedy,” said Wood.

Fire investigators were on the scene Monday and will be utilizing a scientific process to discover what may have caused the fire to begin.

“Some of those are witness statements, looking at burn patterns, spread indicators, things like that. So, they are going to use that process and whittle away at each thing that they’ve got to look at until they come up with where the fire started at because you have to figure out where it started before you can figure out what started it,” said BGFD spokeswoman Marlee Boenig.

Investigators have not yet determined the cause of the fire.

Boenig told WNKY it may be time consuming to comb through the damage to find the cause because of the size of the building.