Porch concerts inspire Michigan neighbors

David Youngs vows to serenade neighborhood with "God Bless America" twice daily until stay-at-home orders are lifted. WOOD's Donovan Long reports.

OTSEGO, Mich. (WOOD/NBC News) — “God Bless America” is a tune that underscores David Youngs’ love for his country and his neighbors.

“‘God Bless America’ is really a prayer,” Youngs says.

The Otsego, Michigan resident has been singing that prayer from his front porch for more than a month.

“I just thought it would be a way of praying over the neighborhood and bringing people together,” he says.

Matt Grile, who lives next door to Youngs, say he finds Youngs’ voice comforting.

“You hear it and you know your neighbors are out, and they’re okay,” Grile says.

Youngs said he’ll keep singing “God Bless America” twice a day until Governor Gretchn Whitmer lifts her Stay Home, Stay Safe order.

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