Phase 2 construction to begin in downtown Bowling Green for June

BOWLING GREEN Ky.-Those who enjoy frequent trips to downtown Bowling Green now have something to look forward to, as some new resources are coming this month.

Phase 2 of downtown construction will include new bike lanes, wider sidewalks, parking and landscaping just to name a few. These enhancements will be in college through State Street down to 6th Avenue, and up Main Street towards Chestnut and Center Street.

Now that we’re in the month of June, phase 2 of construction will begin as soon as possible. This will be a continuation of phase 1, which involved improvements in and around Fountain Square Park.

City engineer Melissa Cansler says there is nothing like having new resources, and she hopes citizens enjoy these improvements.

“The downtown area is older, there’s some older infrastructure, the sidewalks need improvement. I think the landscape, the fresh pavement, some improvements for pedestrian access as well as bike access will hopefully bring more people downtown, and people enjoy what we have to offer down here,” Cansler said.

This phase is expected to be complete by November. In the meantime, it’s emphasized that drivers be cautious as construction begins.