Parker-Bennett-Curry celebrates 100th day of school

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.-Elementary students at Parker-Bennett-Curry were looking a little older than usual today. 

They were celebrating the 100th day of school! A lot of the kids, and staff, dressed up as if they were 100 years old with canes, walkers, wigs and more.

The school celebrated the milestone with various counting activities throughout the day like stacking 100 cups, finding 100’s around the school in a scavenger hunt, and every 100 minutes dancing to music blasted through the loud speaker. 

“With elementarys’ across the nation we celebrate this as a major milestone in every school year so we’re so excited to reach this point,” said Principal Jackson Delvagus. 

They also had to have a fashion show of course to show off their ‘100 themed’ outfits.