Parents hit with more obstacles: baby formula scams

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.-Parents already desperate to find baby formula amid the shortage, are now hit with another obstacle. 

“Unfortunately it’s scammers taking advantage of a very sad situation,” said Whitney Adkins, Director of Strategic Marketing for the Better Business Bureau. 

Scammers are capitalizing on the struggle to find any formula, exploiting mother’s and father’s willingness to do anything to feed their babies. 

“These parents are in a very desperate situation right now, they need formula to feed their infants and it’s hard to come by in a lot of areas,” said Adkins. 

Websites with official logos and brands are popping up making a consumer think they are buying from an official website. Then they disappear after a purchase is made.

Others post photos of formulas on social media platforms, promising to sell to other people online…but the photo is fake, or the formula is past its expiration date. 

“As much as possible just be aware of who you are buying from if you are buying from another person on social media just be wary there are risks of buying or accepting something from someone you don’t know,” said Adkins. 

Pediatricians also recommend not ordering from anywhere outside the United States.

“They’re not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration and the FDA is just so important to the formula. They make sure that the formula is safe and that it has everything it needs in the formula for the growing infant. So anything outside the U.S. is not regulated by the FDA,” said Kim Dethridge, Med Center Health Director of Women’s Health Services. 

The best piece of advice while this shortage is going on is to plan ahead. 

“You’ve got to plan ahead for those bottle feedings to make sure you have enough formula days in advance. You know these new moms, these new families, they don’t want to be running to the store, trying to find formulas in multiple different places if they’re out so they really have to try to plan ahead for that,” said Dethridge.