Painting the town blue: hundreds of pinwheels spread awareness for child abuse in Scottsville

SCOTTSVILLE, Ky.-One pinwheel means one child abused in Allen County in the past year. 

“It’s a time for us to educate, promote and advocate,” said Jennifer Woods. 

The group, Allen County Protection and Permanency, placed 137 pinwheels on the square in Scottsville- a number they say is much too high. 

“The 2022 stats were up from 2021. For our county I feel like we have a high number,” said Woods. 

For years, the group has done this in hopes of raising awareness for Child Abuse Prevention Month. 

A pinwheel, which is the symbol for the national child abuse campaign, represents the purity of a childhood.

“It’s just to show that every child should have a childhood that’s free of abuse and neglect,” said Woods. 

The community rallies around the cause too by putting blue butterflies on their buildings or decorating their storefront in blue tones. 

“I think we have a lot of community support,” said Holly Francis.

“Just appreciate everything everyone’s done for the community and the involvement that we’ve had,” said Woods. 

Every child matters. 

“Children, as cliche as it might sound, are you know our future and we want to make sure that they’re safe and they have the things they need in their homes, and empower them to have better lives,” said Tiffany Miller.