One neighbor partners with non-profit and farmer to continue to feed tornado survivors

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – News 40 has brought you story after story of neighbor helping neighbor following the tornadoes, but one neighbor hasn’t stopped helping in nearly two months.

Kaitlyn Wilkins, a local mother of two, has been working with non-profits, other locals, and now even a farmer to help provide food for the people of her neighborhood.

Until this Saturday, they will have been providing free hot meals every single day for anyone in need, including delivery within her community.

Starting next week, hot meals will continue on three days a week alongside boxed uncooked meals from a local farmer with fresh vegetables and meats for families they have been serving to fix.

Right now, they have about 36 families signed up for boxes of food and will begin their distribution next week.

She says her heart is to help the people in her neighborhood after her husband was diagnosed with cancer and she once, too, needed help.

“We had to eventually ask for, like, people to help pay our bills and that kind of thing because we just couldn’t do it because he was so sick I had to take care of him. So because we got so much help and then right before, yeah, literally the week that the tornadoes hit, we found out that he was cancer free and in remission. So he had already been back to work for a while and we were in a good spot, plus, we just live in this neighborhood so we were in a really good position to help people,” said Wilkins.

Wilkins also has a porch pantry that anyone can donate to for the neighborhood.

The box lunches are only for the families they have already been providing for due to limited recourses but the hot meals are for anyone in need.

Anyone in the neighborhood is invited to take food from the porch pantry as well.

To donate to the porch pantry funds, you can Venmo Wilkins’ business account and title the payment “Food pantry – tornado relief” @steeldagr.

The food boxes are being provided with the help of