One-lane roundabout now open to traffic

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.- The new, first county-funded roundabout at the intersection of Smallhouse Road and Elrod Road has opened to traffic. 

With new construction and growth in the area, the county noticed that traffic was becoming congested during peak hours. 

Warren County Public Works director Josh Moore said the roundabout will ease backup and improve the flow of cars through the area. It will also prevent people from ignoring stop signs, like some previously had. 

“When you can keep people moving without so much start and stop you tend to reduce the kind of rear-end fender benders that sometimes happen. So we think by keeping that circular movement of traffic and all lanes moving all the time we should see a decrease,” said Moore. 

Moore said they have had some calls already from residents saying they are thankful and happy about the roundabout and its improvements to traffic.