One dead, another injured in Monday night shootings

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – One man is dead and another is injured following a Monday night shooting incident at 1726 O’Shea Street Apartment B.

Tyrikus D. Boyd, 23, Bowling Green, died after he succumbed to injuries sustained in the shooting., Bowling Green Police Department spokesman Ronnie Ward said. Boyd was initially taken to a Nashville trauma center where he died.

The other person injured in the shooting is still in an area hospital. That name has not been released.

Bowling Green police were called Monday night to investigate the shooting incident on O’Shea Street.

A neighbor, Savannah Whiticker, said she was awakened by what she thought were gunshots, and when she looked out she saw a car speed away from the scene.

“I’ve never had a problem out here. We think it is pretty quiet. We were actually just talking about that. Good neighbors and everything, didn’t expect anything like this, so this is definitely a shake up for this side of town,” said Whitiker.

According to Bowling Green Police Officer Ronnie Ward, the color, make and model of the vehicle reportedly seen leaving the area remains unclear to investigators.

“Those that were listening to the scanner have asked questions about a vehicle… Until we get a little more solid on what type of vehicle was leaving the area, we are not going to release that now because we don’t want to create some confusion,” said Ward.

On scene, investigators were searching around a vehicle and placing evidence markers.

Shortly after, the car was towed away.

“Detectives and the crime scene processors both felt that there was some evidentiary value to the car so it was better to take it to a secure location out of the weather, apply for the search warrant, and then once we were able to get that we could go through the vehicle and find what we need there,” said Ward.

Warren County Commonwealth’s Attorney Chris Cohron came to the site.

No arrests have been made.