November is National Hospice and Palliative Care Month

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.- November is just a week away, and it’s National Hospice and Palliative Care Month. Hosparus Health is raising awareness for serious illness support.

Hosparus Health wants people to know that hospice can be a long term service for someone at the end of their life, rather than just a few days, as the staff say there is a lot of misinformation about hospice care. The purpose of it is to make someone comfortable and enjoy those last moments for as long as they want it to be. 

In 2019, the center cared for 648 patients and their families in surrounding counties. The staff hopes this campaign lets more families know that help and long term care is available. 

“People think it means giving up, it’s not at all. It is meant to treat the entirety of the human being not only their medication management, chronic condition management, but them as a whole person spiritually and emotionally,” said community outreach manager Kristen Roderick. 

For more information on their services, or to donate or volunteer you can call them at 270-782-7258 or visit their website for more information.