Non-invasive magnet therapy treats depression at Med Center Health

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.-Med Center Health is using a unique approach to treat depression in patients. 

It’s a non-invasive treatment called Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, or TMS. 

TMS uses a magnet on the patient’s head to draw out and increase a neurotransmitter release in the ‘mood center’. It’s located in the left prefrontal cortex. 

The magnet is similar to an MRI, but more focused. all metal piercings must be removed. 

They’ve seen great results in patients so far, without common side effects like there are from medication. 

“Patients who have been very frustrated with their lack of progress, who once they’ve had the TMS therapy, they feel considerably improved, much more able to function and to concentrate,” said Psychiatrist Dr. Grau. 

Insurance requires two medication trials before trying TMS. Treatments last about 20 minutes and are five days a week for six weeks.

If interested, talk to your primary care provider or call Med Center Health at 270-843-5103 for more information.