New water level technology hopes to predict potential flooding

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.-In partnership with the city of Bowling Green, CHNGES (Center for Human GeoEnvironmental Studies) is implementing technology to track- in real time- water accumulation in certain parts of the city when it’s raining. 

This will let people know when flooding is occurring, how extensive it is, and be able to do predictive monitoring in order to warn the public. 

They’re planning to monitor the city and the main watershed out in the county…there will be about 100 sites that report water levels every minute during a rain event. 

“In a perfect world, the dream would be you could pop your address in and say ok we get a 1 inch rain event the water level will come up to 2 feet at my location, neighborhood and you know if that’s a potential risk for you as far as a flood threat or not,” said CHNGES Director Dr. Jason Polk. 

They hope to soft launch the technology by this summer.