New summer feeding bus hits the road for the first time

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – A big purple lunchbox on wheels, hit the streets of Bowling Green for the first time Thursday. It’s the newest bus in the fleet for the Bowling Green Independent School District’s summer feeding program.

Thursday morning, food service staff met at Bowling Green Junior High School to load the new bus for deliveries of food and beverages

“It’s fantastic. I couldn’t ask for a better community, a better crew of people to just rally together,” said the district’s director of food service Dalla Emmerson.

The food service department was joined by local church volunteers wanting to help. The district’s transportation department was also in the mix. Driver trainer Chris Hopkins said he was thrilled to see the new bus in action.

“It’s been a long process. I was with it when it was dropped off to be redone. It’s really changed a lot from where we started with it. I think it’ll be a major asset for our food department,” Hopkins said.

What makes it a major asset is not only the school colors, but the interior design, set up to resemble a 1950s style diner. The goal is to have the kids sit inside while they enjoy a meal, though that can’t happen quite yet because of the pandemic.

“It will be great when they can get on there and actually enjoy the diner aspect of it. To be able to sit down and enjoy their meal. It will be so exciting to actually see that happen,” Hopkins said.

Even if the bus can only be admired from the outside right now, the district plans to milk it for all it’s worth, until students can enjoy the resource.

“My team is just overwhelmed at the amount of love that’s being poured on a program we love so much. It’s been an amazing day for us,” Emmerson said.

Food deliveries will be made every Thursday for the rest of summer.