New organ registry bill up for vote

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Over 1,000 Kentuckians are waiting right this second for organ transplants to save their lives. 

Donate Life and select KY Senators have crafted a new bill that will help people needing urgent transplant services. 

If passed, the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet’s tag renewal site will add questions about joining or donating to the organ registry. 

Donate Life said this is important because most people renew their car tags online, so adding this opportunity will hopefully sign more people up to save lives. 

Executive director for the Circuit Clerk’s Trust for Life Shelley Snyder said, “It’s going to potentially save hundreds and thousands of lives… It’s a simple question that people often don’t really think about until they’re asked, and then they say, ‘Oh, yeah!’”

The KY Senate passed the bill unanimously on Monday.  Donate Life hopes the bill passes in the House and Governor Beshear signs the bill quickly to get the questions on the tag renewal site before the end of the year.